A Guide to Achieving a Beautiful Lawn: Tips for Seeding and Fertilizing

A lush green lawn is not just a beautiful sight, it’s also a sign of a healthy ecosystem. However, achieving and maintaining a healthy lawn requires careful attention and the use of proper lawn care products. Two essential ingredients in this process are grass seed and fertilizer. Properly seeding and fertilizing your lawn can ensure strong root growth, disease resistance, and improved environmental and mental health benefits. In this blog post, we’ll dive deeper into the benefits of using expertly blended grass seed and fertilizer


Choose the Right Grass Seed

Choosing the right grass seed for your lawn is crucial. At Thomas Landscape & Garden Center, we offer three blends: sunny, sun + shade, and shady. 

Rick Thomas, the owner of Thomas Landscape works closely with a locally owned seed producer in order to formulate the best blend of grass that works perfectly for the Rochester NY area. All you need to do while deciding which blend to choose is think of the kind of sunlight the area gets for the majority of the day.  For those pesky tree-covered areas our shady blend works best.   For a yard that has very little coverage and gets direct sunlight for the  most of the day you would do better with our sunny blend. And for those indecisive yards that can be both shady and sunny depending on the time of day we have a blend for that too!


How to Prepare Your Lawn for Seeding

Now that you chose the best blend of seed for your yard it is time to prepare your soil for the fastest germination. First, remove all debris, dead grass and leaves from the desired area. Fill all holes or divots in your yard with a screen topsoil and allow it to settle through the next rainfall.  Once this is done, take a leaf rake and gently “scratch” or stir up the first layer of soil. Just like that, you are ready to apply your seed and fertilizer. Be sure not to bury the seed with soil or you risk suffocating them.


How to Use Fertilizer

Fertilizer is another essential ingredient in a healthy lawn. At Thomas Landscape & Garden Center, we recommend using our fertilizer products in conjunction with our grass seed. This easy extra step allows for faster germination, strong root structure, and a luscious green appearance.  Just toss down your fertilizer over your grass seed and water it in and you are good to go. An employee favorite product for all your fertilization needs is a granular fertilizer called Milorganite. This fabulous product is not only easy to apply but is organic and non burning so it is very user friendly and safe for your family and pets to play on once watered in.


Benefits of Proper Seeding and Fertilization

Properly seeding and fertilizing your lawn offers a wide range of benefits. These benefits are not limited to strong roots and a vibrant color but can also help your grass fend off encroaching weeds, insects and diseases, making your season overall much easier. Another benefit that many do not think of is; that a strong root system can create a natural guard against soil erosion by trapping the soil in place like a net.  By taking the time to seed and fertilize properly at the start of the season you can feel free to spend those sunny summer days basking on your beautiful landscape. 


At Thomas Landscape & Garden Center, we’re committed to providing high-quality products that are specifically crafted for the Rochester area. Our grass seed and fertilizer blends are expertly crafted to provide the nutrients your lawn needs to thrive. We take great care in blending our products to ensure they are perfectly suited for the climate and soil conditions in Rochester.  Contact us today to learn more about our lawn care products and services.


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