Landscape Services

Our Landscape Process

Each job starts with a visit by Richard Thomas to assess the landscape design, maintenenace request or pest problem. After meeting with the home owner or business owner to assess their needs, an estimate is prepared and returned to customer as quickly as possible.

Landscape, wall, walkway, and patio estimates usually require a second appointment to review landscape trees and shrubs. In the case of walks, patios, and walls we review and choose colors, styles, and exact shape of pavers before installation. Most installation jobs take only a few days to a week to complete.


  • Design and Installation
  • Patio, walkway and retaining wall installation
  • Tree, evergreen, and shrub planting
  • Flower planting, perennial and annual
  • New lawn installation, hydroseeding,
    dry seeding or sod
  • Lawn repair and renovation
    Irrigation Systems
  • Pond installation and design
  • Drainage installation for lawns and beds
  • Decorative Fencing
  • Mulch and decorative stone installation


  • Installation of lawn and shrub beds drainage systems to help elimnate puddles and wet areas
  • Installation of French, surface, and curtain drains
  • Regrade and pitch the soil around the house foundation to channel the water away
  • Install drain swales and drywells

Lawn Maintenance

  • Spring and fall clean up
  • Weekly lawn cutting
  • Shrub and ornamental tree pruning
  • Bed mulching, weeding, and edging
  • Lawn fertilizations, insect, and weed control
  • Shrub and tree insect and disease control

Consulting Services

  • Appraisal of shrub and tree damage due to accidents or storm loss
  • Pest and disease identification and control
    Landscape maintenance planning and recommendation
  • Continuing Education instructor for schools and organizations teaching landscape and maintenance techniques


Thomas Landscape will provide residential lawn and shrub bed irrigation as well as service. Landscape irrigation as become an integral feature of our modern world. At Thomas Landscape we are dedicated to producting technically advanced products that ensure the wise use of water.

Make life easier with a quality irrigation system. We install Hunter, Toro, Rain Bird, and Irritrol systems at a fair and reasonable price. Financing is available for up to four years.