5 Benefits of Mulch: Why You Should Add Mulch to Your Garden and Landscaping

Looking for a way to improve your garden or landscaping?  Mulch may be just what you need! Mulch is a layer of material that is placed over the soil in garden beds and landscaping.  It can serve many purposes, from improving soil health and suppressing weed growth. 


Mulch Helps Retain Soil Moisture

Mulch holds moisture to protect from drought, sunny and windy conditions.  It reduces the loss of moisture through evaporation.  Mulch helps to retain up to 70% more water.


Mulch Suppresses Weeds

Weeds are created by seeds.  With the mulch down the light is blocked from the bare soil so they can not germinate.  The mulch will smother the weeds and kill them off.  Mulch will keep the weeds out and prevent root competition. 


Mulch Regulates Soil Temperature

Mulch keeps the soil cooler in the warmer months and in the winter months, it is warmer.  It acts as a buffer for the constant change in the climate.  It insulates the roots from extreme heat and cold.


Mulch Nutrients for Plants

Mulch adds organic matter to the soil when it breaks down.  It provides nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus to the soil.  These nutrients will improve plant growth by increasing root activity.


Mulch Enhances Curb Appeal

Mulching adds color, and a uniform look, and adds definition between the grass and beds. It gives the landscape a finished look by filling in the empty spots and maximizes your yard’s attributes.


How to Choose the Best Mulch for My Garden

We offer a variety of both natural and vegetable-dyed mulches that come in hardwoods, cedars, pines, and hemlock. Use the vegetable-dyed mulches to provide a longer-lasting colored backdrop to your landscaping. Both cedars and pines are great for bug and disease control. Try our playground hardwood for a soft natural base for your children and animals’ play areas.


At Thomas Landscape & Garden Center, we have a wide variety of mulch to suit your needs, and the experts on staff to help you make the right selection. We offer mulch delivery {within Rochester,  14580, 14526, 14625, 14519, 14609, 14617, 14622, 14612, 14610 etc.}  Head to our website for pictures of the mulch that we carry.  You can place your order online, give us a call, or stop in at 775 Ridge Rd. in Webster. 

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